The Lock

(See page 152)

1. Side view of action closed showing details of trigger hook up.

2. Top phantom view showing action closed ready to fire. K is the breechblock which is locked. A and A are rear ends of the two bolt (or breechblock) locks, housed in recesses in the barrel extension on either side of the recoil spring guide. C and D are the center surfaces of the bolt locks G1 and G1 are the rear locking surfaces of the pivoting bolt lock releases. CI and CI are the forward faces of the short release (flap) locking cams in full forward position. H is a rear of the barrel extension and G is the receiver guide in which it travels.

3. Top phantom view showing the action open and the arm unlocked. Note that at the end of the recoil stroke, the two pieces Gl-Gl have been swung completely around by the impinging faces of the cams and the reversal of position has forced the locking arms into their recesses in the barrel extension to permit the breechblock to release the barrel.

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