The Luger Pistol

The Luger (or Parabellum) pistol is a short-recoil operated, locked breech weapon. The breech is securely locked until the bullet is out of the barrel. Since no gas can escape, a uniform pressure is maintained behind the projectile.

The locking system operates on the toggle-joint lever system much in the fashion of a human knee.

During the locking period, the toggles lie below the line of thrust. When the barrel reaches its full recoil position and is halted together with the part of the sub-receiver into which it is screwed, and with which it travels in the main receiver guide, the toggles hit ramps and are buckled up, pulling the breechblock directly back away from the face of the chamber to extract and eject the empty case. During this buckling movement, a bell-crank lever arrangement attached to

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