Type A Sporter

This design was made in Germany specifically for foreign markets. It was finished much better than those for home consumption. Various types of sights were provided and this design was made in both single-trigger and double set-trigger types. The stock usually has a cheek-piece which is full checkered and a capped pistol grip. The fore-end tip is horn-capped. Sling swivels are provided, one on the barrel and the other on the stock. The usual barrel length of this type is 24-inches, round, although a later rifle with 22-inch barrel was also provided.

The standard calibers of the 24-inch was as follows: 7 x 57 mm (.276), 8 x 60 mm (.315), 9 x 57 mm (.355), 9.3 x 62 mm (.366), 10.75 x 68 mm (.423), .280 Ross, .30-06 U. S., .318 W.R., and .404 Eley.

With the 22-inch barrel calibers were: 6.5 x 54 mm (.256), and 8 x 51 mm (.315); also .250-3000 Savage.

SPORTING RIFLE Mauser Cartridge Ballistics




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