Type K Mauser Hunting Rifle With Single Trigger And Hunting Sights

This type was developed with lever operated magazine bottom release, special forestock, sights and sling swivels for genera) hunting use.

"Kurz" or short actions are essentially reduced size military receivers and bolts. The original idea of using a shorter than standard action to reduce weight and speed operation was developed at Steyr in Austria, where 1910 Mexican and 1912 Serbian rifles were built.

The current Yugoslav military action is shorter than the standard Kar. 98k.

Mauser Hunting Rifle

TYPE M MODEL 98-08. MAUSER HUNTING RIFLE This Model varies from the previous ohes only in furniture an1 sights. Note that it is equipped with sling swivels for carrying sling and is stocked to the muzzle. This is an accepted feature in many fine European hunting rifles. Recent 615 Models are the same as this except for wider gas flange. Photos are from original Mauser records.


This is the original Mauser Sporting Rifle using the Model 98 action, mechanical parts of which are interchangeable with the GT^nJnill,t^ry ^pes; l>iit it iS fitted with sporting sights and stocks and with double set triggers. inler<*anseable with the

Though seldom seen in the U. S., this is a popular European sporting style. Calibers cover the entire ran*re of foreign am munition, since many of these weapons were barreled to order. S foreign am-

MODEL 98-08. MAUSER REPEATING RIFLE. ARMY TYPE TARGET RIFLE WITH LONG BARREL This design was originally issued for target shooting and sniping. It is provided with the hunting-type magazine bottom release lever.

This type of rifle was designed for hunters seeking a sporter approximating their familiar service rifle in length, weight and general external design.

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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