Pistol Mauser 06 08 Experimental

In the course of its manufacturing history, Mauser produced two types of vest pocket- pistols.

The first of these arms, known as the W.T.P. 1 (Westentaschen Model 1), was introduced to meet the demand in Germany for a native vest pocket pistol to fire the 6.35mm (.25 Automatic Colt Pistol) cartridge. It was designed to compare in size with the Colt Vest Pocket Automatic introduced in 1908 and its Belgian counterpart, the Baby Browning.

Mauser Wtp 35mm

This W.T. 1 Model was continued in manufacture until 1939.

It is a standard blowback type of weapon, the low powered cartridge employed not requiring the use of a locking system other than that provided by the weight of the moving parts and the spring to be compressed. (In Germany this type is called "Federverschluss"— literally "spring locked").

This pistol will use the standard United States caliber .25 Automatic Colt Pistol cartridge. It weighs only 11-ounces, is 4.5 inches overall in length, has a barrel 2.4 inches long, a maximum height of 3 inches, and is .75 inch thick at its widest point. The magazine

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