It is significant indeed, that with the passing of Peter Paul Mauser the only developments in his factory until World War II were a few elementary pocket pistols. The quality of his product was always kept up, but the true inventive genius of Waffenfabrik Mauser ceased with the Founder's death.

The very course of nations was made and altered by the inventions of Peter

Paul Mauser and by the manner in which they were merchandised. No corner of the earth was too remote, no nation too small to merit the attention of his organization.

Where Mauser rifles and pistols went to bolster the police and military authorities of a nation, there too went Mauser technicians and German service personnel to instruct—and to influence.

Paul Mauser died at the height of his success, an honored and respected citizen of his country. All that one man could do to further the ends of his country, Paul Mauser had done. He himself knew only the acclaim and military "glory" of the Germany in which he lived. It was left to his descendants to learn the utter, final futility of his efforts in relation to Germany's plans for world dominion.

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