If You Have To Resize

Cases which do not slip readily into shell carrier should be rejected, to be resized to the proper diameter and head spacing after a considerable number have been accumulated. To do this, screw resizing ring and support tube into position over depriming punch. Now slip resizing adaptor into carrier below. Now slip the empty case into resizing ring and press handle. This will bring metal portion of shell to original dimension. Apply force to handle in upward direction to eject shell from ring. (Do not snap handle to release shell).


To load now cases, polyethylene (plastic) cases, and cases that were previously roll-crimped (old fashioned cases) the MEC 500 has an extra station for the attachment of an accessory, Part No. 534, or 534 SP*, Star Crimp Starting Head.

To install, place die in position shown, and fasten with screw provided. When used with new cases, no indexing is required. When used with plastic cases that have previously been star-crimped, it will be necessary to mark the die and index the shell so that the folds of the crimp are started in the same position as originally applied.

-534 SP — for new polyethylene (plastic) cases.

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