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Your Model 500 Reloading Tool is completely assembled and tested at the factory, and is ready to provide long, troublefree service. Just follow these simple instructions.


Examine the contents of the shipping carton for damages or shortages. In addition to the assembled loader, the carton will contain 2 shot and powder containers with caps, 31/4~20 machine screws and wing nuts for mounting, primer catcher, resizing ring with support tube, 1 charging bar knob and resizing adaptor plate. Immediately report any shortages or damages to your dealer or delivering carrier.


Place unit in desired position on bench and mark base mounting holes. Drill at marks using a 9/32 bit and then secure Press to bench or mounting base using screws and wing nuts supplied. Note that bench is desirable, but not required. Press can be fastened to wood or metal base and be completely portable. A very nice mounting base can be made from plywood approximately 12" wide and 18" long with the Press being mounted somewhat back of the center on the 18" length. Before screwing shot and powder containers into place, remove the cellophane tape from the openings in the measure assembly, being sure to leave the neoprene grommets in place. Screw charging bar knob into place at left of charging bar, locking it with the jam nut provided.


Before you actually try loading, it might be well to look over your loader, comparing it with the photograph at left which identifies all the parts and dies which you will be using.

Note that the measuring assembly pivots back for easy charging or changing of loads. This assembly is hinged by a machine screw, with wing nut, which should be tightened to a point where some drag or resistance is felt when the measure is pivoted.

The charging bar is located just under the powder and shot containers. By moving this bar to right or left, powder and shot are measured and dropped into the shells. The bar is always operated with the left hand grasping the charging bar knob at the down-stroke of the Press handle.

Depriming Station at which the shell opening is ironed and may be resized for diameter and head spacing if necessary.

Repriming Station at which shell is also charged with powder.

Wad Ramming Station at which shot is also charged through the wad ramming tube. Mechantrol Wad Guide positions itself on shell automatically allowing any practical wad column to be seated with one stroke.

Extra Station for use with 6 or 8 point crimp starting heads (optional at extra cost.)

Crimp Starting Station directly in rear (not shown)..

Final Crimping Station. Crimp die is completely adjustable for depth of crimp and radius.

Shell Carrier into which shells are placed and which automatically positions each shell at the proper station.

Primer Catcher. This part is secured in its position by tilting so that notched edge slips under the screw provided in base. If you haven't already talked to your dealer about the different kinds of powder, shot, primers and wads, please- refer to the information on page 14 and also the charging bar chart packed with each loader which lists the various combinations of powder, shot and wad columns.


Mec Loading Chart

Release charging assembly wing nut and flip or pivot containers down to charging position. Pull the charging bar to the left as far as it will go (Photo No. 1). Unscrew containers and fill with powder and shot. Replace containers, powder container first, making sure it is mounted in the proper position (position P for powder and S for shot). Next replace the shot container. (Note: Use only light or moderate pressure when tight-

ening containers.) Because of the weight factor, support the shot container with your hand while in the charging position so that there is no danger of its tearing loose under pressure (photo No. 2). While still supporting the shot container with your hand, flip the assembly to the upright or loading position. Now you are ready to load.

Photo Mec Prime

Step No. 1. Place primer into shell carrier just ahead of depriming station.

Step No. 2. Place shell into carrier at depriming station and depress the handle, thus depriming the shell. Now move carrier so that this first shell is under drop tube at repriming station.




Step No. 3. Again, place primer and empty shell into position, but this time push the charging bar to the right while the handle is in the down position. This operation now reprimes and charges powder as well as deprimes. Again move carrier counterclockwise to the next station.




Step No. 4. First place proper wad column (See charg-ing bar chart) in wad guide, then place primer and empty shell into carrier and again depress handle.

> Step No. 5. This time while the handle is in lowered 3 position, pull the charging bar to the left to deposit shot and then move it back to the right to charge powder. Continue this same sequence of operation from this point on.

Do not p down into ThlsHH and pr

When carrier becomes full it is indexed by grasping the loaded shell and pulling it forward to the exit and entrance aperture at the depriming station. Perform the operations slowly at first, making certain that all hand movements are done exactly as illustrated an the accompanying photos. Increase speed slowly, only after you have the technique firmly in your grasp.

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