Lets Start Reloading

Photo No. 9


You will note that your shells are processed in a clockwise rotation starting at the resize deprime station Photo #9 position #1 moving to the reprime station #2 to the powder wad and shot station #3 then moving to the crimp start station #4 and final crimp in station #5.

Take an empty shell in your right hand and place it into the deprime resize station Photo#10. With your left hand depress the handle to the bottom of its stroke. You will feel resistance as the resize ring starts resizing the brass, also you may feel the primer being ejected. Make sure that the handle is depressed to the full bottom of its stroke or you will not remove the primer or completely resize the shell. Now lift the handle to the full top of its stroke. As you come up you will feel resistance as the shell is pushed from the resize ring. Again with your right hand remove the shell from the resize station and place this shell onto the reprime punch. Photo #11.

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