Shot Sizes

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Lead Shot Buckshot No. Dia.

All Powder Is Not Alike.

Different powders have different burning speeds, which make them useful for different jobs. The heavier the shot load, the slower the powder must burn. It takes longer to accelerate a heavy shot load than it does a light one.

A fast-burning powder ignited behind a heavy shot load could cause excessive "breech pressure" which might cause damage to the gun and even injury to the shooter or bystander. (Breech pressure is the pressure of the gas which is created by the burning powder. It is this breech pressure which forces the shot through the barrel.)

On the other hand, usirg a slow-burning powder to propel a light load of shot will not work effectively. Without the proper pressure buildup, many powders will not burn uniformly and impart sufficient velocity to the shot.

Which Primer to Use?

The primer ignites the powder. When you pull the trigger, the hammer falls on the firing pin, denting the primer cup. This causes the component in the primer to detonate, igniting the main powder charge.

Different primers have different characteristics depending on their purpose. Use only the primer that is recommended by the component manufacturer for the hull, powder, wad, and shot load you are using.











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