Shotshell Reloading With The Jr


After removing your new reloader from its carton, inspect it carefully for damage. In addition to the reloader itself, you should have these additional parts shown in photo #3 .

Before you actually try reloading, we recommend that you look over your loader and compare it with this diagram identifying all the parts and dies you'll be using.

a. The CHARGING BAR is located just under the powder and shot containers. Moving the bar to the left charges the powder. Moving the bar to the right charges the shot.Make sure shot and powder containers are placed correctly.

b. WAD HEIGHT INDICATOR used todisclose improper wadding.

c. WAD PRESSURE INDICATOR gives the exact amount of pressure actually being applied to wad column at bottom of handle stroke.

Now going from right to left, the dies and their functions are as follows:

d. RECONDITIONING DIE-The spent primer is ejected, the shell mouth is ironed and the metal base is resized with one stroke of the handle.

e. REPRIMING PUNCH-seats new primer into shell from PRIMER SEATING ASSEMBLY( k.)

f. R AM MER TU BE - through which powder and shot are dropped into the shell. This tube is used also to seat the wad column.

g. ADJUSTA-GUIDE WAD FEED-permits quick and accurate seating of wad column.

h. CRIMPING STATION —containing the exclusive cam-operated two-stage crimping apparatus. Die is completely adjustable for depth of crimp.

i. CRIMP STARTER — 8-point, 6-point, (smooth cone optional for paper shells).

j. SHELL HOLDER —holds shell down on handle upstroke. I. PRIMER CATCHER-secure in position by tilting so that notched edge slips under the tab provided in the base.

Mec 600 Diagram
Photo No. 3

Contents of Parts Bag

B.y4 20 Countersunk Screws (3)

C. Extra Wad Guide

D. Primer Catcher

E. Hex Wrench

(H, I, J,) Assemble as shown (F.) Brass washer is used on fine grained powders (Winchester) to prevent leaking. Install on the powder side of the measure by removing the grommet Photo # 6 . Place the smooth side of this washer on the charge bar and replace grommet.

F. Brass Washer

G.6 Point Star Crimp

H. Primer Pad

I. Primer Seating Spring

J. Primer Cup

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