Adjusting Travel of Slide Bracket

The amount of forward travel of the slide bracket is regulated by the eccentric nut, Figure 62. While holding the eccentric nut with a % inch box wrench, loosen the ball joint with a 7/ie inch open-end wrench. Turning the eccentric nut will increase or decrease the forward travel.

A small amount of overtravel as shown in Figure 63 is necessary.

This overtravel can only be Seen during the downstroke of the machine, at about 1/a of the handle travel.

To retighten, hold the eccentric nut in position with a % inch box wrench and tighten the ball joint into the nut with a 7ie inch open-end wrench.

The amount of rearward travel of the slide bracket is regulated by the bolt in the adjusting block (at the bottom of the gas spring rod), Figure 64. Using a Vz inch box wrench, turn the bolt up in the hole of the block to increase the amount of rearward travel of the slide bracket. The rearward travel should be just enough for the anti-reverse lock to slide into position, Figure 65.

Mec 9000 Adjustments

Adjustment for Shell Carrier Release.

The rotation of the shell carrier is regulated by the lock nut on th wad guide rod, Figure 66.


If the shell carrier fails to rotate when the handle returns to the top of the stroke, using a 1A" open end wrench, turn the lock nut up on the wad guide rod until the carrier rotates. If the carrier rotates too early, turn the lock nut down on the wad guide rod, Figure 66.

The shell carrier should rotate just as the handle returns to top of the Stroke. Figure 66

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