Automatic Sequence


In order to understand the operation of the reloader; it is highly recommended that you practice reloading using the Single Shell Reloading procedure beginning on page 12.

Preparing the Reloader.

Now that we have gone through the loading sequence with one shell, let's proceed with the setup of the automatic sequence that will give us a loaded shell with each cycle of the reloader. The 9000G and 9000H are very easy to operate, but attention must be paid to detail. The misloading of one shell may affect the characteristics of all shells in the press at that time. Before beginning, be sure the shot and powder containers are filled as shown in FILLING THE SHOT AND POWDER CONTAINERS on page 12. Then, load the automatic primer feed tray using the procedure below.

1. Remove the primer feed cover by sliding the cover away from the reloader and lifting.

2. Place a box of primers on the tray with the liner facing up.

3. Slide the box cover off slowly, leaving the liner and primers on the tray, Figure 33.

4. Carefully lift the liner, leaving the primers on the tray, Figure Figure 34 34.

5. Replace the primer feed cover.

IMPORTANT: Primer feed cover must be installed to prevent primers from tipping over in the feed tray.

Mec 9000 Primer FeedMec 9000 AssembleMec 9000 Primer FeedMec 9000 AssembleMec 9000 Primer Feed

To assure proper operation of the primer feed and index mechanism, it is important to operate the machine through its full stroke. Check to be sure primers drop into the primer receiver hole, Figure 21 on page 11, advance, and drop into the primer seating assembly. Do this to 50 or more primers. If primers lie cocked on top of the carrier or do not drop into the primer receiver hole until the upstroke of the machine, it may be necessary to adjust or bend the tube clamp, Figure 20 on page 11.

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