Mec Shotshell Reloader 9000


Measure Assembly.

As you face the loader, you will see the measure assembly. On this measure you will see POWDER on the left and SHOT on the right. During the reloading process, the charge bar moves between SHOT and POWDER. The bar screw located in the center of the bar restricts the movement of the charge bar.

To install the powder bushing in the charge bar:

1. Disconnect the bar return spring from the charge bar, Figure 9.

2. Remove the bar screw, Figure 10.

3. Remove the charge bar by sliding it to the left, as shown in Figure 11, and remove the disc covering the powder bushing hole.


Experimenting with powder, shot, primer, wad, and hull combinations not recommended by a component manufacturer is fool-hardy and dangerous!

4. Select the proper bushing. The bushing selected determines how much powder will be loaded in the hull. The amount of powder needed is determined by the ballistics desired and components used. Refer to the supplied manufacturer's brochures to determine the amount of powder needed for the required shotshell load. Next, refer to the Powder Bushing Chart and Charge Bar Selection Information booklet and select the bushing needed to deliver the proper amount of powder. Place the proper bushing in the charge bar.

5. Replace the charge bar, bar screw, and bar return spring.

6. Remove the neoprene grommet from the powder opening of the measure assembly, Figure 12.

7. Install the brass washer, with dimples facing up, on the powder side of the measure assembly. Place the neoprene grommet over the washer, Figure 12.


The screw on which the measure assembly pivots should be kept tight enough so that some resistance is felt when tilting the measure assembly.

Figure 12

8. Lock the charge bar in position as shown in Figure 13, by sliding the charge bar to the left and placing the bar lock hook upward into position.


Use the large container for shot and the small container for powder.

9. After making sure that the brass washer and two neoprene grommets are in place in the measure assembly, Figure 12, screw the empty plastic shot and powder containers into each of the threaded cups.

Functioning Automatic Index.

Your reloader is shipped with the shell carrier in the half index position. To move the shell carrier to the required position for reloading, lift the arm of the slide bracket at the rear of the reloader (Figure 14) to allow the shell carrier to rotate. Rotate the shell carrier counterclockwise and locate the slide bracket finger into one hole of the shell carrier, Figure 15.


• Make sure there are no obstructions between the dies and shell carrier. Be sure the wad guide is positioned so that the rammer tube passes through the center of the wad guide.

• While your 9000H Reloader has been designed with your safety in mind, it must be remembered that it is a powerful tool and if carelessly operated can inflict serious injury to the fingers of the hands of the user. The following precautions should always be observed.

1. Clear hands from reloader before depressing foot pedal.

2. Disconnect power before making adjustments or clearing unit of damaged shells.

3. DO NOT ALLOW children to tamper with or operate the unit.

Mec Reloading Chart

Figure 14

Figure 14

Mec Reloading ChartMagazine ReloaderMagazine ReloaderMec 9000 Adjustments
Figure 18
Mec Reloading Chart

On the 9000G, make several complete strokes as follows:

Downstroke: For a complete downstroke, pull the handle down until the link spacer on the back of the reloader contacts the column ( Figure 16).

Upstroke: You will notice that when the handle is returned to the top of its stroke that the shell carrier will rotate to the next position. Make sure that you operate the handle in a smooth and consistent manner.


You may notice a slight resistance when you reach the top of the stroke with the handle. This is caused by the release of the automatic index mechanism.

On the 9000H, plug the pump and motor assembly into a grounded 110 VAC outlet and make several complete strokes as follows:

Downstroke: Press the foot pedal until the link spacer on the back of the reloader contacts the column ( Figure 16). At this point you may hear a slight squealing sound. This is caused by the relief valve and will not damage the hydraulic unit. Also, at the bottom of the downstroke, you may feel pressure from the foot pedal. This is another indication of a complete downstroke.

Upstroke: Release the foot pedal. When the machine returns to the top of the stroke, the shell carrier rotates to the next position. Due to air in the lines when the reloader is first used, it may be necessary to operate the foot pedal several times until the action becomes smooth. The speed of the return can be regulated by adjusting the valve on the hydraulic cylinder, Figure 17. Turning the valve counterclockwise will speed up the return and turning it clockwise will slow down the speed of return.

For all reloaders, if the carrier should fail to index properly and a shell cannot be placed in Station No. 1 ( Figure 18), refer to If You Have Trouble, beginning on page 18.

Installing the Primer Seating Assembly.

Your 9000 Series is equipped with the exclusive self-cleaning primer seating assembly. It consists of 3 parts: spring pad, spring, and seating post, as shown in Figure 19.

To Install:

1. Place spring on seating post.

2. While holding the spring pad in place on the underside of the base with one hand, insert the spring and seating post into the pad using upward pressure-with your other hand.

3. Seat the pointed base of the seating post in the detent of the reloader base.

To Remove: simply grasp the seating post, lift and pull toward you.

Installing the Primer Feed Tray.

1. Locate the primer feed tray, spring and chain assembly, and retaining clip from the parts box.

2. Remove the screw and yellow caution tag from the tube clamp on the reloader.

3. Set the retaining clip in place, Figure 20.

4. Insert the primer feed tray tube into the tube clamp and replace the screw. Finger tighten the screw at this time with approximately one inch of the tube above the clamp.

5. Apply and hold a downstroke to the reloader. Position the primer feed tray so that the primer tube is positioned over the primer receiver hole in the shell carrier, Figure 21. The tube should just contact the shell carrier. Tighten the screw to hold the tube and tray in position.

6. Hook the spring and chain assembly in position, Figure 22. The spring actuates the primer feed when you depress the handle. Adjust the chain so that the primer will drop when the primer tube is approximately 1/4 inch away from the shell carrier, Figure 23.


On the 9000H, the downstroke may be stopped by decreasing pressure applied to the foot pedal. Be sure to complete the downstroke by applying more pressure to the foot pedal.

Mec 9000 Assemble
Figure 20
Mec 9000 Adjustments
Figure 21
Mec 9000 Primer Feed



Figure 22



Figure 22



Mec Reloader Parts

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