If You Spill Shot or Powder

If shot or powder has been spilled in the reloader, the following steps should be followed to remove shot or powder from the moving parts.

1. Remove all shells from the shell carrier as described in Removing Shells From the Reloader on page 18, noting the station of each shell.

2. Lift the column spring above the hole in the column and insert an alien wrench (or nail) in the hole, Figure 44.

3. Remove the index spring and carrier hold down pin. Use care to avoid losing the index ball which is under the index spring.

4. Insert a screwdriver blade between the carrier hold down and carrier, pry up slightly, alternating pressure from various points until the hold down is high enough to raise the carrier. Remove the index ball.

5. Remove the primer seating assembly, Figure 45.

6. Remove all pellets or powder that may be trapped beneath the carrier or between the outer edge of the collet and inside edge of the opening in the base.

7. Remove the shell lifter from the collet by reaching under the machine and pushing it up with one hand while removing with the other, Figure 46.

8. Remove all pellets or powder from collet slots, Figure 47.

9. Reposition the shell carrier and carrier hold down, replace the index ball, index spring, and carrier hold down pin.

10. Replace the primer seating assembly.

Mec Reloading Chart
Figure 44


Rear Pivot Pin Retainer Pallet Lifter








Figure 45

11. Withdraw the retaining pin and ease the column spring into position over the flange of the index spring. Pivot the measure to the rear and manually lock the charge bar to the left. Return the measure to upright position.

Primer Seating Rod
Figure 46
Primer Seating Rod
Figure 47
Figure 48

12. Replace the shell lifter. The shell lifter must go in the yolk that is mounted at the bottom of the wad guide rod. The shell lifter must be kept clean and dry.

13. Reposition the last three shells in the carrier in the order in which they were removed. Place an empty shell in the first station and proceed with the normal reloading sequence after disposing of the first three shells on which preliminary operations were performed.

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