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How Close Shotshell Rolling CartridgeShotshell Reloading


We DO NOT recommend the use of spray lubricants on the reloader. These sprays cause a buildup of residue over the entire reloader.

Pivot points 1, 2, and 3 (Figure 67) of the scissors linkage and the chain link and pivot pin, point 4 of the closer assembly, are to be oiled periodically on both sides using EP90 or its equivalent (gear oil). The column in the area where the turret slides, point 5, must also be kept lubricated with EP90 or its equivalent.

A drop of EP90 oil should occasionally be applied at the metal to metal contact area of the operating rod and the bar, as well as to the shoulder bolt which pivots the bar actuator. The roller on the bar actuator, roller on cam crimp die, and roller in the actuator rod (point 6) should be kept lightly oiled. Also, there are three points on the index mechanism that require oil. They are the eccentric nut, the shoulder bolt for upper cam bracket, and the shoulder bolt for lower cam bracket.

Occasionally, feel the inside of the cam crimp die and finish die. If you should notice any buildup of dirt or residue, it can be removed using a swab with any household cleaner.

The outside of the eight collet segments (point 7), in the area where the collet closer bears against the collet, must be GREASED. We have not found an oil or spray lubricant that is satisfactory. We prefer Antiseize lubricant, a product of Loctite™, or a graphite impregnated grease (Outers Gunslick™ or its equivalent). Lack of lubricant on the collet will result in additional effort required on the downstroke and possible damage to the unit when the closer is forced away from the collet on the upstroke. The inside of the collet and shell lifter must be kept clean and dry.

Wipe the primer tray with tissue or a silicone cloth to allow the primers to slide freely.


Only dry lubricant, such as powdered graphite, is to be used on the charge bar slide or at any point where lubricant may contact powder.

Cleanliness is not a virtue, it's a necessity for efficiency. Powder residue is abrasive and flammable, don't allow an accumulation. Shot should be in the container or in the shell. The results of loose pellets found under a bare foot, in your rug or in the reloader mechanism will, in some manner, adversely affect your efforts.

A little care for a lot of service.

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