Mounting Your Reloader

Although it is desirable to have your reloader mounted permanently to a bench, it is not a necessity. If you cannot mount your reloader permanently to a bench, we recommend placing your reloader on a piece of 3A" x 12" x 18" plywood. The reloader should be positioned toward the rear of the plywood as much as possible, as shown in Figure 5. By positioning the reloader in this position, the plywood will counter the force used to provide a downstroke and prevent the reloader from tipping forward. However, when automatically reloading shells, it is very difficult to apply enough force for a complete downstroke. A large number of indexing problems will be prevented or solved by permanently mounting the reloader. Regardless of where or how you mount your reloader, allow sufficient room behind the reloader (121/2" minimum) to tilt the measure assembly and containers as shown in Figure 6. Also allow 12" above the measure assembly for clearance of the shot and powder containers.

To mount the reloader, place it in the location described above, marking through the holes with a pencil, then remove your reloader and drill a %2" hole at these locations. Put the reloader back in position and fasten securely with the 1A-20 x 2" countersunk stove bolts with wing nuts. Place the bolts in from the bottom up and draw them up tight enough so the heads are slightly depressed so that they will not scratch the bench or table.

By this time you should have made your choice of components. Figure 5 shows how these components should be placed for the most efficient operation of your reloader.

Installing the Wood Handle Grip (9000G only).

Drive handle onto lever up to the mark on the side of the handle, Figure 7.

Installing the Hydraulic System (9000H only).

Your 9000H is supplied with all the components needed to provide proper downstroke by pressing the foot pedal.


To avoid damage to the reloader, do not operate the pump and motor power pack until the automatic index has been adjusted, as described in the Functioning Automatic Index section.

To install the hydraulic unit, refer to Figure 8 and perform the following steps:

1. Remove the plastic cap plug from the breather hole located on the top of the reservoir.

2. Pour one quart of oil into the pump reservoir.

3. Using a % inch open-end wrench, screw the brass breather adapter into the reservoir.

4. Screw the breather cap into breather adapter.

5. Remove the plastic cap plug from the hose port on top of the pump bracket manifold.

6. Remove the plastic cap plugs from the hose assembly and attach one end to the hose port on top of the pump manifold. Tighten with an 11/ie inch open-end wrench.

7. Remove the plastic cap plug from the hose fitting on the cylinder assembly valve.

8. Attach the free end of the hose assembly to the hose fitting on the cylinder assembly valve. Tighten with an 11/ie inch open end wrench.

9. Insert the free end of the cylinder assembly breather tube into the brass breather adapter on top of the reservoir.


Do not let the breather tube run up hill anywhere. If oil is allowed to be collected in the tube, it may block off air to the cylinder and create a vacuum. When this happens the cylinder is not allowed to breath and will not return to the top of its stroke.

1. Secure the hose assembly and breather tube with hose ties as needed.

Figure 7



Figure 9



Figure 9

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Figure 11


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Figure 11



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