Removal of Collet

1. Remove the shot and powder containers from the machine.

2. Remove the shell lifter from the collet by reaching under the machine and push it up with one hand while removing with the other, Figure 48.

3. Swing the wad guide to the right.

4. Raise the column spring and place a pin through the hole in the column. Also remove the index spring and ball along with the carrier hold down pin, Figure 49.

5. Enter a screwdriver under the carrier and raise the carrier alternating pressure from side to side until the carrier can be raised as in Figure 50.

6. Remove the loader from the bench or board on which it is mounted.

7. Tip the machine on its side and using a 13/ie" socket, remove the nut that locks the collet. The collet is now free to turn up and out.of the top of the base.

8. To aid in turning the collet out of the base, insert a large screwdriver with a blade width of at least .450" wide to the bottom of the collet. By applying slight pressure and turning the screwdriver clockwise, the collet will thread out of the top of the base assembly.

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