9000G Manual

9000H Hydraulic with Motor and Pump 9001H Hydraulic without Motor, Hose and Pump

Mayville Engineering Company, foremost manufacturer of reloading equipment in America, is widely respected for its continuing dedication to precision engineering.

This precision is incorporated into every one of MEC's reloaders rendering truly innovative and efficient engineering designs.

The 9000 series reloaders are no exception. They are the latest in our line of progressive machines. The 9000 series reloaders feature automatic indexing and finished shell ejection and allow you to resize any American and most foreign shells in either high or low brass. They can be converted to reload 3" in 12 & 20 gauge only and will reload steel shot.

The Model 9000G is a hand-operated reloader. This reloader provides an economical way of reloading shells rapidly. The 9000H is a hydraulic powered reloader. The handle is replaced with a foot-operated hydraulic system. This added feature makes this model the smoothest and most consistent system developed. The motor for the hydraulic system operates on a standard 110 volt outlet and the pump supplies consistent pressure throughout the reloading operation. The 9001H offers the same operating features as the 9000H. However, the unit is supplied without the motor, hose and hydraulic pump.

To convert to 3" shell reloading (12 & 20 gauge only), Kit No. 8582 is necessary. Refer to the instruction sheet enclosed in the kit for installation.

This reloader will allow you to reload with steel shot. If your reloader has not been converted to reload 3" shells, Kit No. 8581-12 is necessary. However, if your reloader is equipped to reload 3" shells, you need only order our single stage steel shot adapter, Kit No. 8433.

A special steel shot charge bar must be used when loading steel shot. Do not use charge bars designed for lead shot when loading steel shotshells.

Common sense precautions are advised. Careless handling of flammables and explosives can result in serious injury. We endorse checking charges with a reliable scale which will disclose variations in powder weights. Adhering to loads recommended by the powder manufacturer is a must and the use of safety glasses is strongly encouraged.We disclaim any liability for damage or injury resulting from reloading shotshells.

We disclaim any liability resulting from the use of any parts or accessories not manufactured or recommended by MEC.

How to Select Components 2

Handling Precautions 3

What It Is 4

Contents 5

Assembly 6

Filling the Shot and Powder Containers 12

Single Shell Reloading 12

Automatic Sequence 15

If You Have Trouble 18

Adjustments 25

Lubrication and Cleaning 31

Resized Brass Dimensions 32

Rammer Tube Settings 32

9000H Pump and Motor Specifications 32

Parts List 33

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