Station No Resize And Deprime Collet Closure Adjustment

The collet as it comes from the factory is adjusted to give a dimension that is the same as factory loads. After a period of time, this may require adjustment. To make the proper collet closure adjustment for proper resizing, follow these instructions:

1. Remove all shells from the shell carrier as described in Removing Shells From the Reloader on Page 18.

2. Using a wrench, turn the collet closer adjustment nut, Figure 51, either counterclockwise or clockwise.

A counterclockwise adjustment raises the nut to resize the brass smaller. A clockwise adjustment lowers the nut and will not resize the brass as much. Always make sure that a flat side of the closer nut is properly aligned with the base support. It is recommended not to resize the head of the brass any smaller than is necessary to fit into the tightest chambered gun you shoot.

It is important to keep the inside of the collet clean and dry. Only lubricate the outside segments of collet with recommended lubricant. See Lubrication and Cleaning for details.

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    How to deprime 40mm brass?
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