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manufacturer has extensively tested recommended loads and knows how they perform. Always follow these recommendations exactly.


It is highly recommended that safety glasses be worn when reloading.

When finished reloading, remove the containers from your machine and seal them with caps and put them in a safe place. Also, return all primers to their original container and store them in a safe place. It is important that these materials are kept out of the reach of children and other unauthorized persons.

Figure 2

Figure 2

Before you try to assemble your reloader and actually try reloading, we recommend that you look over your reloader and compare it with Figure 2, identifying all the major components you'll be using.

A. CHARGE BAR is located just under the powder and shot containers.

MEASURE ASSEMBLY pivots back for easy changing of loads. AUTOMATIC-BAR MECHANISM. Each stroke of the handle automatically moves the charge bar to left or right, measuring and charging precise amounts of powder or shot into the shells. WAD PRESSURE INDICATOR gives amount of pressure actually being applied to the wad column at the bottom of the handle stroke.

SPINDEX™ CRIMP STARTING with swivel action to correctly align with the original shell creases. Can be changed from 6 to 8 point in seconds. (Smooth cone available for 12 GA. paper shells.) RAMMER TUBE is used to seat the wad column and load shot into the shell.

PRIMER CATCHER is placed under the base to collect spent primers pressed out of brass.

REPRIMING STATION at which shell is also charged with powder. Spring tension automatically applies the proper pressure and compensates for variations in height of base wad while seating primer.


SHELL CARRIER into which shells are placed and which positions each shell at thé proper station. AUTOMATIC INDEX ASSEMBLY. Rotates shell from station to station.

SERIAL NUMBER is located on side plate. CRIMPING STATION with the exclusive cam-operated two-stage crimping apparatus. Die is adjustable for depth of crimp (not shown).

AUTOMATIC PRIMER FEED positions primers in shell carrier with each stroke of the handle. After removing your new reloader from its carton, inspect it carefully

Shotshell Reloading Crimp

Contents of Parts Box

Figure 3

Figure 3

for damage. You should have all parts shown in Figure 3.


Shot Container (Large)

Powder Container (Small)

Hose Assembly (9000H only)

Hose Ties (5) (9000H and 9001H only)

Breather Adapter (9000H and 9001H only)

Parts Box (not shown)

Contents of Parts Box

Base Mounting Wing Nuts (4)

Primer Feed

Handle (9000G Only)

Spring Pad


Primer Seating Post

Primer Feed Spring/Chain

Spindex Crimp Starter 6 pt. (12-16-20 gauge only)

Brass Powder Washer Grommet (Spare) Bushings (3) Spent Primer Catcher Retaining Clip

Slide Mounting Nut (2)


Allen Wrench

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