A Minature Reloading Factory

12, 16,20, 28 and .410 gauges —fitted in beautiful lifetime chrome

Take the Super 600 or 650 reloader and marry it to a hydraulic system...the result is the hydraMEC, today's most advanced concept in high-volume reloaders. The hydraulic system is compact, lightweight and designed for long, troublefree service. The motor operates on regular 110 volt household current and the supplies instant, constant pressure...no slowdown, no misses. The entire downstroke and upstroke functions are utilized and synchronized to allow continuous action. Every stroke of the cylinder piston is positive and performs up to 12 operations on six reloading stations. Every downstroke of the reloader produces one finished shell. The operator inserts empty shells and wads...the hydraMEC does the rest...automatically.


HYDRAULIC UNIT ONLY-Hydraulic unit to include pump, motor, cylinder, controls, base, links and bolts required to attach to reloader with instructions. OR

Tool linked for hydraulic operation to include base and cylinder. hydraMEC 650.

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  • semolina hogpen
    What was the hydramec reloader?
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