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Dunstan, Simon

Flak Jackets.—(Mcn-at-Arms series; 157) 1. Arms and armor History 20th century I. Title II. Series 623.4V U815

isbn o-85o45-569-3

Filmset in Great Britain Printed in Hong Kong

Author's Note:

"Flak', abbreviated from 'Flugzeugabwehrkanone', the German word for 'anti-aircraft gun', has gained common currency as the slang term for all fragmentation munitions, and is used in that colloquial sense in this book. In contrast, I have used the term 'shrapnel' in its exact sense—the pedant would argue, correctly, that shrapnel was a specific type of ordnance discontinued after the First World War. Finally, note that nowhere in this book is there any reference to the 'bullet-proof vest': there is no such thing.

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