Confederate States

Manufacturers and Repairers of Rifled Shoulder Arms (the period of the Confederate States was from 1861 to 1865).


Beech & Rigdon, or Leech & Rigdon C. Chapman Cook & Bro.



New Orleans, before 1863. Athens, Ga. 1863-1866.

Fayetteville Arsenal Fayetteville, N. C. Wm. Glaze & Co. Columbia S. C.

Sometimes stamped his work with this name and sometimes "Palmetto Armory/'

Hyde & Goodrich New Orleans, La. W. S. McElwainc Holly Springs, Miss. Died 1882. Mendenhall, James & Greensboro, N. C. Gardner


J. P. Murray Palmetto Armory

T. W. Radcliffe

Richmond Armory Thomas Riggins S. G. Robinson

Spiller & Burr State Rifle Works Shakanoosa Arms Mfg. Co.

Augusta, Ga. Columbia, S. C. Columbus, Ga. Columbia, S. C.

Atlanta, Ga.

Richmond, Va. Knoxville, Tenn. Richmond, Va.

Contract with N. C. for 10,000 rifles. Marks, "M. J. & G."


Wm. Glaze, Proprietor

Specialty, rampart rifles

Both maker and importer.

Marks, " Robinson Arms Co."



Richmond, Va. Austin, Tex.


Samuel Sutherland George Todd Tapley, Tyler Arsenal

Tyler, Tex.

Specialty, carbines. Marks, " Texas

Union Mfg. Co. Richmond, Va.

Rifle. Tyler, C. S.?? G. P. Sloat, formerly of Phila., Supt.

Virginia Manufactory Richmond, Va.

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