FAST and Fancy Revolver Shooting and Police Training

Large octavo, 484 pages, durable and attractive binding. More than 525 illustrations from photographs. (Formerly $5.00) Now only $3.00

A complete encyclopedia on small firearms, their theory and use. Written for amateurs and professionals, police officers, sheriffs, gun clubs, sportsmen, army and navy practice, exhibition shooicrs, ctc.

A Few of the 212 Different Subjects Covered:

Types ok Revolvers

Target Shooting

Trick Shooting

Quick Draw

Long Range Shooting

Hip Shooting

Police Instruction

Sights and Sighting


Selected Chapter Headings:

Pistols, Revolvers—

The Law Learning tiie

Shooting Game Training Methods Two Gun Training Psychology of Shooting Trigger Control Quick Draws and

Timing Holsters, Belts and

Equipment General Review

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