No Springfield Model Artillery Rifle Musk et Regulation

Calibre .58. Weight about 8 pounds. Length of barrel about 33 inches. Two bands. Except for adherence to these specifications the details of this class of arms did not follow a prescribed rule.

These arms were made during 1863, T64 and '65 from the left-overs of rifles and muskets of 1865 and preceding years. The specimen shown has a lock of the 1861 pattern bearing the date of 1862; a cut-down barrel dated 1863; a re-shaped Model 1841 stock, and a butt plate of 1819 pattern. Some of the specimens of this arm, now in collections, are mounted with brass and others with iron, and still others with part each. These arms were made during that part of the Civil War when adherence to a standard pattern became a detail of minor importance, because the main object was to get something — anything — that would shoot.

The issue of these arms was to artillerists — field and coast — for personal defense under unusual conditions, and for use when foraging as mounted infantry.

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