Our Sporting Rifles From To

pOR short range accuracy, flat trajectory, shocking-power and light recoil; for workmanship and ornamentation; for inexpensive ammunition; and last but not least, for the oualities of looks and "feel " that satisfy the lover of arms, these nli-timers rival the best modern ones.

These two fine old specimens are in the Clyne Collection and the picture is the contribution of their fortunate owner, Dr. A. C. Clyne of Arkansas. The lower specimen is the older one, and is by N. Beyer of Pennsylvania. Its barrel is 44 inches long and of SO bore, or 80 balls to the pound. The upper specimen is by Thomas Underwood of Lafayette, Indiana. It also has a -14-inch barrel, but its bore is 150. Both rifles are masterpieces of early American riflemaking.

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