Shows at the top the .303 calibre sporting rifle called " Model E-10," an enlarged picture of the action, and a still larger one of the bolt. The helical ribs which turn the bolt spindle and fasten and release it are concealed from view by the outer casing. At the bottom of the plate are longitudinal section drawings of .28 calibre bullets, for which the company claims the design and declares them to have wonderful ballistic qualities, particularly the sharp pointed one. Each has a hollow nose; the left hand one has an open air space; the right hand one has embedded in its front end a sharp pointed hollow copper tube; its design would appeal, more than the design of its

303 Ross Rifle M10 Canada

Plate 45

303 Ross Rifle M10 Canada


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Plate 46

mate, to the expert rifleman. Its weight is 146

grains and its muzzle velocity 3.100 f.s.

Plate 46

No. lf The Military Ross, calibre .303. Canadian troops; present war service (at the beginning).

No. 6p " Model R,n calibre .303; not such an expensive arm as " M-10."

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