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The firearms business of Fred Adolph, of Genoa, New York, is a specialized one pertaining only to madc-to-order high grade arms built to suit the taste of the individual sportsman. From this book, shotguns and pistols being eliminated, mention of only one-third of the Adolph art craft remains, but the Adolph catalogue tells the rest and is worth the cost.

The business, a comparatively new one, takes the place in America which, abroad, is held by eminent craftsmen who minister to the wants of their well-to-do gun loving sportsmen. In America, the country of machine made arms in stock patterns, Adolph arms are practically the only recourse for fastidious sportsmen with special needs in the matter of combinations of bore, fit, and ornamentation. They are made to order, to measure and to design selected, in single shot, one, two, three and four barrel arms, rifles and combinations of rifled and shot barrels. Their ornamentation is elaborate and rich, their wearing qualities excellent; they are unique and distinguished, and at present they are without competitors.

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