Finnish Suomi Mm Submachine

Suomi Sight

Note: This weapon is one of the most remarkable developments of the present world war. Its simplicity, ruggedness, reliability, ease of operation, are al! outstanding in machine pistol construction. Added to these qualities, it costs less than a good pistol and is easy to manufacture. The Russians are making wide use of a modification of this weapon.

Caliber: 9mm Parabellum. (This is also the pistol cartridge of the Finns.)

Magazine: (a) Box type usually ho ding 20 or 30 cartridges. (b) Drum type containing 59 cartridges.

Position of Magazine: Directly under receiver, positioned from below.

Magazine Catch: Behind magazine, released by pushing forward.

Sights: Open, adjustable to 300 meters.

Cocking Handle: Positioned at end of receiver, directly under milled recoil spring cap. Drawn back with thumb and forefingep of right hand, it cocks the bolt. Its spring automatically returns it to its seat.

Cyclic Rate of Fire: 400 rounds per minute.

Type of Fire: Full automatic only. With experience, trigger may be tapped to fire in bursts of 2 or 3 shots.

Safety: A lever bar directly in front of trigger guard.

Operated: By recoil.

Locked: Blowback type.

Unlocked: Bolt held closed during moment of firing by inertia of moving parts and heavy recoil spring. Firing Pin: Machincd into bolt.

Cooling: Slotted barrel-casing surrounding barrel serveĀ» as ventilator.


A loaded magazine is inserted below into the magazine housing and pressed up until it locks. The cocking handle protrudes from the rear of the weapon under the milled recoil spring cap. Grip it firmly, pull back ta the rear to compress the bolt spring and cock the bolfl and a'low to run forward under the influence of its own; spring. Pressure on the trigger will now fire the weapon.? The bolt will stay back between shots. When a cor-f tinuous burst of fire is required, maintain a firm stitr-pressure. Remember that this is a full automatic weapor; and that the trigger is the only fire control. Releasing! it will stop the working of the action.


At the rear of the receiver is a heavy milled cap-Unscrew this cap and ease out the housing recoil spring guide, and recoil spring. Drawing back on the cocking-handle will now pull the bo t back for removal from! the weapon.

Recoil jprirg


Cocking lever

Recoil jprirg


Cocking lever

Inertial Firing Pin Suomi
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