German Mauser Mm Rifle And K Carbine


(Note: Our own Springfield Rifle was patterned after this weapon. The Mauser system is the most widely used m'litary rifle system in the world. Bolt action rifles, however, are now being replaced in the German Army by semi-automatic rifles. It is interesting to note that the new semi-automatics use the gas operation prin-ciole, as do ou- Garonds.) Caliber: 7.92mm.

Magazine: Stagqered-box type as for Springfield Rifle.

Capacity: Five cartridges.

Muzzle Velocity: Aoout 2800 feet per second.

Barrel Length: 29.15 inches.

without Bayonet: 4' M/2". YYeignr of Rifle: Aoout 9 lbs. (v/ith sling). Sights: Barleycorn type front, open V notch rear, adjustable from 400 to 2000 meters.

Magazine Cutoff: None provided.

Locked: Turning bolt action. This is the original Mauser locking system.

Safety: On rear of cocking piece same as for our Springfield Rifle Swung over to the right it is "safe." Has same type of mechan'cal safety *o prevent weapon from firing unless bolt is fully closed as is found in our Springfield.


Tne rifle described above is in general use n the German army together v/ith two shorter carbinc models, known as the Model 98B, long barrel carbine (the length is about the same as for ^he Model 98), and the short barrel carbine, known as the Model 98K.

I. To remove bolt. Procccd as for U. S. Rifle Model 1917. Wrh rifle cocked end safety lever vertical, ha f way oetween safe and locked position, pull out near end of bolt stop on left side of receiver ond draw bolt straight ou" ~o the rear.

2. To dismount bolt. proceeo as for Springfield.

3. To remove magazine mechanism. Some as for Sp'ingfield.

Barrel length on this weapon is about 231 ' weapon works about the same as the

3>:cept that there is no magazine cutoff. The short stock ias a semi-pistol grip with sling on the left side for rifle. This sling is not used as in our rifles as an Sights on this weapon are graduated from meters. A metal lined hole on the left side of this stock is provided to insert the firing pin to protect it when the bolt is being stripped. A cleaning rod is fitted into the stock below the muzzle.

Effective Ranges for This Weapon: About the same as for the Springfield.

Loading and Firing: Same as for U. S. Rifle caliber 30. Model 1917.


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