How The Glisenti Pistol Works

Starling with the Pistol loaded and cocked, the action is as follows: The grip safety being pressed and the trigger squeezed, the sear is permitted to revolve and the striker is re eased and driven forward by its spring. As the cartridge is fired, the bullet moves forward out of the barrel and the rearward pressure of the gas forces the cartridge case and the locked bo't, barrel and barrel extension directly to the rear. They travel back locked together for about Here the barrel haits against the barrel stop: the locking arm moves down out of its notch in the bottom of the bolt and out of line with the barrel extension. During this action the locking arm sprirg is compressed; as is the combination striker and recoil sprirg. The extractor fitted in the head of the bolt draws with it the emp^y cartridge case, which strikes against the ejector and is hurled up and out of the pistol.

The magazine follower spring drives the top cartridge up in line with the bolt.

Return Movement of the Action: The bolt is now pulled forward by the force of the recoil spring. Near-ing its forward position it picks up ttie top cartridge from the magazine and drives it ahead into the firing chamber. The striker lug makes contact with the sear and is held in position by it, the spring partially compressed. This action cocks the striker for the next shot. The locking arm, driven by the locking arm spring, now moves up throuqh the sleeve into the notch in the bottom of the bolt, securely locking the bolt to the sleeve (or barre extension). The combined pressures of the locking arm spring and the recoil spring carry the barrel and barrel extens'on forward for the additional distance necessary to complete the locking motion. The sear is mounted or, the sleeve (barrel extension), and cannot be operated unless the action is fully forward and locked.

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