How The U S Rifle Model Works

Starting with the rifle just fired: The bolt handle is raised which turns the bolt to the left. The lug at the rear of the oo t rests against the cocking piece groove and is prevented from turning and so is forccd to the rear in the bolt by the half cocking cam; and it engages the half cocked notch, withdrawing the striker into the bolt.

When the bolt has been turned up far enough for its locking lugs to be turned out of their locking recesses, the locking cams and safety ug on bolt handle clears the receiver safety lug: the extracting cams on the bolt and receiver engage and act together during ttie continued rotation of the bolt to draw back the oolt a short distance and start the extraction of the empty case from the chamber. During this period of bolt rotation, the guide in the receiver prevents the extractor from turn-

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