Note On Ammunition

A cartridge known as the .45 Auto-Rim is commercially manufactured in the United States for use in this revolver without the use of a clip. Cartridge is similar to the automatic p'stol cartridge except that it has a revolver-type rim. This converts it to a typical revolver cartridge. Ba.lisrics are practically the same as for standard .45 Automatic Pistol cartridge when it is fitted with a metal-jacketed bullet. This cartridge may also be obtained wirh a lead bullet. The velocity obtained will be rather lower than that obtained in the automatic pistols, because in the automatic the firing chamber is a part of the barrel and no gas escapes. In the revolver there is a gap between the cylinder and the barrel; and as the bullet jumps this gap some gas must escape. Note: When revolver gives better velocity than pistol, it is because the barrel is longer.

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