S Colt Revolver

Co/t, mt9J7

Caliber: .45 Model 1911 cartridge, used with half-moon clip.

Cylinder: 6-chambers.

Ballistics: About same as for automatic pistols.

Barrel Length: 5"/2".

Overall Length: 10%".

Weight: 40 ozs.

Sights: Fixed.

Type of Fire: Single action or double action.

Cylinder Latch on Left Side Plate: Must be drawn back to release cylinder.

Safety: Fitted with Colt positive safety lock. This is a sma.l intercepting slide inside the frame on the right side terminating in a b'ock between the frame and the breast. This block is entirely automatic, and unless the trigger is deliberately pulled the face or the hammer cannot come far enough forward for the firing pin to reach the cartridge in the chamber, This revolver cannot be fired unless the hammer has gone to full cock, the trigger been pulled and the hammer driven forward by the main spring. If the swing-out system is not fully home and locked by the latch pin, its projection into the lock chamber interferes with the movement of the safety lock and -he weapon can be neither cocked nor fired.

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