U S Browning And A Machine


This is the famous Browning Water Cooled Machine Gun, the standard United States machine gun in its class. It is also very widely used throughout the world, having been manufactured and sold oy the Fabrique Nationale de Guerre at Herstal, Belgium. This is the plant that controlled the Browning patents for sale in Europe. Incidentally both the Chinese and the Japanese have imitated and manufactured the Browning gun.

Caliber: .30 Ml or M2 Ammunition.

Method of Feed: Fabric belt holding 250 cartridges.

Direction of Feed: From left side of gun through to right.

Muzzle Velocity: M2 Ammunition, 2800 feet per second.

Weight of Bullet: 150 G-alns. Full Jacketed.

Barrel Length: 24"

Overall Length of Gun: About 38"

Weight of Gun and Pintle: 33>/2 lbs.

Capacity of Water Jacket: 7 pints; adding aoout

7┬╗/4 lbs. to the weight of the Gun and Pintle. Weight of Tripod Mounting: M-I9I7, 52'/3 lbs. Model 1917-AI, weight 51 pounds. Weight of Loaded Belt and Carrying Chest: 19 lbs.

belt and ammunition alone about 14 lbs. Front Sight: Blade type with cover mounted near the muzzle.

Rear Sight: Adjustable leaf sight wit'h apertures and open U sights. Has windage screw to adjust In mils and provide a deflection from zero to 20 right or left. Also fitted with an adjustment for drift as in the Springfield rifle sight. If gun is sighted for M-l ammunition, the graduations will be from zero to 3400 yards. If for M-2 or .06 ammunition, it will be from zero to 2600 yards. On weapons for European use it may be from zero to 2800 meters.

Effective Range with Tripod, Ml Ammunition; About 2500 yards.

Maximum Usable Range: Ml ammunition, several guns firing in battery, about 4,000 yards.

Gun Operated by: Short recoil. As the powder gas drives the bullet down the barrel, that portion of the gas thrusting back against the base of the cartridge transmits the recoil to the face of the bolt and the moving parts.

Barrel, Barrel Extension and Bolt: Recoil locked together about The bolt is then automatically unlocked from the barrel extension and continues to the rear independently, compressing the driving rod spring, to furnish energy for the return motion.

Locked: The barrel recoil not only unlocks the bolt, but also operates the accelerating mechanism whichs speeds the bolt further to the rear against the action of the driving spring.

Locked: By a solid steel block capable of moving vertically, fitted with a projecting guide pin, which when the bolt has rejoined the barrel in forward movemert, is brought in contact with and rides up on a locking cam on the bottom plate. This steel block engage┬╗ rigidly behind the shoulder in the bottom of the bolt, locking it against the face of the barrel extension.

Cooled: By water in jacket absorbing heat. In the top of the water jacket are steam escape tubes: a fixed inner tube with a hole in each end and a shorter outer tube which slides on the inner. When gun is depressed, this sliding tube closes the forward hole and the steam escapes from the rear and vice versa. A rubber hose runs from its outlet on the water jacket to a water chest where it condenses the steam to use again.

Cyclic Rate of Fire: 400 to 520 rounds per minute.

Type of Fire: Fuil automatic only. It is possible by tapping trigger expertly to fire one or two shots, but in general any fire except full automatic can be achieved only by system of belt loading.

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