U S Smith And Wesson Revolver


The Ejector Revolver

As hammer is drawn back by thumb or by action of trigger its underside catches below the trigger nose and draws the rear end of the trigger up and back. When the hammer reaches fuil cock, it will be held there by the trigger nose. As the hammer goes backwards, it compresses the flat mainspring in the grip. During the rearward motion of the hammer, the attached hand or pawl pushes up against the ratchet on the face of the extractor and revolves the cylinder fhe full distance of one firing chamber. This movement is made possible by tie hammer moving a rebound lever which depresses the cylinder stud freeing the cylinder to move. The cylinder is locked securely to the frame by the cylinder catch stud positioned in the center of the extractor and supported by a strong spring. This stud enters a locking recess in the frame and is held in position there under the influence of the spring until the thumb latch is pushed forward to relieve the tension and permit cylinder to be swung out. This cannot be done while the hammer is at full cock.

When the trigger is squeezed, the hammer is released, to go forward and strike the cartridge in the chamber iined up with the barrel. As the finger lies loosened slightly for the next shot, a spring pushes the trigger back into position and the hammer immediately rebounds against the top of the rebound stop and Is prevented from going forward again except on complete pull of the trigger. The forward end of the rebound stop and the rebound arm on the hammer arc so shaped that the forward motion of the stop pushes the lower part of the hammer forward and takes the nose of the nammer to the rear.

Military Small Arms

Ejection of Empty Cartridge Cases: The cylinder oeing swung out to the left, pressure with hand on the ejector rod will compress the spring, force up the star-type extractor which fits around the rim of each cartridge, and which is attached to the ejector rod mounted in the center of the cylinder, and will raise empty shells completely out of the revolver. When the hand is removed the comprcsscd ejector spring will force the ejector and extractor back into place in the cylinder.

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