Unloading The Garand Rifle

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1. First check to be sure that the safety is off.

2. V/ith the right forefinger pu'l the operating rod sharp y and hold it in rear position. This will eject cartridge that was in the firing chamber. With the of the hand grasp the trigger guard or the grip . Hold the stock against the right hip to support it. place the left hand over the receiver and with the thumb release the clip latch.

3. The clip and whatever cartridges remain in it now pop up into the right hand and must oe re-

from the rifle.

4. With the right side of the right hand held against _ operating rod handle, force the operating rod slightly to the rear. With the right thumb now push down the magazine follower and permit the bolt to move forward about an inch over the end of the follower.

5. Remove the thumb smartly from the follower and let go of the operating rod handle. The action wi'l close under the tension of the spring. Now press the trigger.

6. If you wish to unload the firing chamber but leave the magazine loaded, pull the operating rod oack as described aoove to eject the cartridge from the firing chamber; then pull the operating rod handle back past its normal rear position, force the clip down, ease the rod far enough to let the bolt handle ride over the top of the clip, then let operating rod go forward.

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    How to unload M1 Garrand?
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