Mitchell Mauser 98

Remove the Magazine Floor Plate and Follower

Mauser M98 Magazine Parts

Turn the rifle upside down so that you can see the magazine floor plate. At the rear of the floor plate, near the trigger guard you will see an opening that provides access to a small, spring loaded plunger. To remove the floor plate, use a brass rod that is about the size of the little button plunger and fully depress the plunger as far as it will go, about 1 8th inch. While holding the plunger depressed, slide the floor plate and the rod firmly rearward. The floor plate will move back...

Disassemble and Clean the Bolt

Mauser Bolt Cocking Sleeve

The preservative grease inside the bolt will cause the rifle to fail to fire. To clean the bolt, you must become knowledgeable about its disassembly and reassembly. You may require some help here as this is somewhat difficult it requires some strength in your hands and you are dealing with a very powerful firing pin spring, so pay careful attention . a. Check the position of the safety lever. It should be in the vertical upright position. If it isn't, put the bolt back in the rifle and close...