Little Mauser History

Much has been written about the genius of Paul Mauser and his brother Wilhelm and their invention of the famous Mauser rifle. It is the forerunner of virtually every modern bolt action rifle made in the 20th Century. Many books have been written about Mauser rifles. Even today, most bolt action rifles are based on the principles of the Mauser brothers, regardless of the brand.

Your rifle is a Mauser 98k Model 48 rifle that was built near the end of W.W.II and, as a result, it never saw actual military service. It was manufactured and held in reserve for reserve forces in the event of renewed hostilities. The production of semi-automatic and full-automatic rifles in Europe then rendered bolt action rifles functionally obsolete for the main body of an army. During the last 50 years your rifle was removed from storage, cleaned, tested and restored to storage, every five years; to insure its combat readiness. Fortunately, active service was not necessary for your rifle.

Your rifle is in near-new condition and shows only 'garrison marks'. These are handling and storage marks accumulated over the years together with the preservatives of the day that, in some cases, tended to change the hue and wear of the bluing. Over the years the preservative affected the color of the wood in different ways so that no two rifles are exactly alike.

So, your rifle was recently 'honorably discharged' from the military and is now a civilian! The Model 48 rifle is a very strong rifle, originally designed for the rigors of combat. As such it provides you with an excellent platform for sporterizing or you can use it for hunting just as it is (but please leave the bayonet at home). It's 8mm Mauser caliber is ballistically similar to our .30-'06 Springfield.

It is a functionally new rifle. It has preservative in it and on it. Before use, it must be thoroughly cleaned and examined by you.

You must assure that the rifle is clean, complete and normally functional as described in this manual. Please pay particular attention to the section on cleaning your rifle.

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