Characteristics and General Description of your Rifle

The Mauser 98k Model M48 is a shoulder mounted, trigger actuated, striker fired, magazine fed, bolt action rifle. It is designed to be fired from the shoulder only; not in any other position, whether standing, sitting or prone.

The rifle is equipped with features that were standard for the time and are still considered 'advanced' today. It has, for example, 'controlled round feeding', a long, heavy claw extractor, two heavy-duty front locking lugs and an additional safety lug built into the rear of the bolt. It also has a superb gas shield. The long claw extractor serves as a bolt guide along with a built-in bolt guide that is built into the body of the bolt. The bolt body has gas escape ports to handle cartridge failure. It is generally accepted that it has the best safety mechanism ever designed. Your rifle is quite possibly the strongest bolt action rifle ever built.

Your rifle is now a 'civilian' and, as such, is perfect for collecting, target shooting, big game hunting, or sporterizing. It is a rarity because of its like-new condition for its age.

Note: Some rifle models come with the original leather accessories including a sling, ammunition pouch and belt hanger for the bayonet scabbard. The leather is 50 years old and has varying degrees of color and age marks. You can easily make it look like brand new with any good commercial leather cleaner, shoe polish or leather preservative.

Some models of your rifle come equipped with an original bayonet and scabbard and an original military field cleaning kit. Your rifle was once a complete battle ready 'soldier'; it is now a 'civilian' and the bayonet and scabbard are purely decorative items for display purposes and attest to the authenticity of your rifle.

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