Leather Shoulder Sling

The sling has two important devices associated with it to make it function properly. The first is a sling keeper, which is a metal plate covered with leather with a brass stud, designed to hold one end of the sling and keep it from slipping through the slot in the stock. The other device is a simple brass stud that is used to attach the sling to itself to make an adjustable loop at the forward end.

To install the sling, proceed as follows: First, install the sling keeper on the rear end of the sling, the end with fewer holes. Insert the end of the sling through the keeper from the bottom, insert the tip of the sling under the strap, and then work the hole in the leather down over the stud as depicted in Fig 7. Then run the sling through the slot in the stock so that the keeper ends up on the right side, nestled into the recess in the stock. Finally, run the loose end of the sling through the sling attachment loop in the left side of the rear barrel ring. Adjust to desired length and secure with the brass stud.

You can carry the rifle with the sling or use it as a very good shooting brace, if you choose.

4. Cartridge Pouch: A leather double ammo pouch that will conveniently hold a box of ammo in each side and can easily be carried right on your belt. Fig 8.

Fig 8. Double Ammo Pouch

Fig 8. Double Ammo Pouch

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