Original Accessories Included

Some rifles come equipped with all the accessories intended for soldiers over fifty years ago.

1. Bayonet, Scabbard, and Frog. Your rifle comes with a standard issue bayonet and scabbard. The bayonet is brand new (but over fifty years old) and is very sharp. The frog (the leather belt hanger) is a safe way to carry a bayonet, should you choose to do so. The frog stud on the side of the scabbard fits into the small hole in the frog (yes it will fit, but it will be a bear to remove). The bayonet fits into the scabbard, and the strap on the frog goes around the hilt of the bayonet. Easy to get to and you won't lose it. Check local laws before carrying your bayonet.

Although you could theoretically use your bayonet for some practical purpose, its main purpose now is for display and collecting.

It is original to your rifle and has a unique historical value because it is unused. Keep it that way.

2 Field Cleaning Kit: The field cleaning kit consists of a bag containing an original metal oil can, a standard issue cleaning rope, a bore brush, and the steel bore guide.

Perhaps the rarest accessory included with your rifle is the spring loaded bore guide This item is rare in Mauser collecting. It is designed to fit directly over the muzzle of the rifle and hooks directly and securely behind the front sight base. It protects the muzzle crown from inadvertent damage with cleaning rods. Never fire the rifle with the bore guide in place, because you can do serious damage to the rifle muzzle or worse, injure yourself or those around you.

Fig 5. Bayonet with Scabbard and Frog

Fig 6. Cleaning Kit

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