1. Reassemble the bolt: Make sure the firing pin assembly is 'cocked' with the safety lever in the vertical position. Insert the firing pin assembly into the bolt body and turn it clockwise until the bolt sleeve stop plunger engages the bolt body and prevents further rotation. On the one or two final turns, it may be necessary to compress the plunger so it will clear the bolt handle.

2. Re-install the Magazine Follower Assembly. Fit the follower through the magazine well. Notice that the front of the floor plate has a lip cut into the leading edge. This lip will fit into the front of the lower edge of the magazine well when assembled. There is a similar arrangement at the rear of the floor plate around the plunger hole. To assemble it, position the floor plate slightly to the rear of the assembled position, press down on the rear of the floor plate to compress the plunger, and slide the floor plate forward so that both the front and rear lips of the floor plate engage the slots in the magazine well. The plunger should spring into the hole in the rear of the floor plate, thereby locking the floor plate in place. Only moderate pressure is required to do so.

3. From the top, make sure the follower is in position and moves up and down freely. It's job is to lift cartridges so it must be free.

4. Re-insert the bolt assembly into the rifle. Make sure the claw extractor is lined up with the right-hand locking lug, or it will not go in. Confirm the proper working of all functions: bolt open and close, safety lever in all positions, and trigger.

5. Wipe all sections of the rifle free of preservative grease in and around the rear sight and the forward metalwork. Carefully wipe away all preservative grease and lay on a thin film of oil; even on the wood.

Among famous rifles, your Mauser is a Crown Jewel!

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