Remove the Magazine Floor Plate and Follower

a. Turn the rifle upside down so that you can see the magazine floor plate. At the rear of the floor plate, near the trigger guard you will see an opening that provides access to a small, spring loaded plunger. To remove the floor plate, use a brass rod that is about the size of the little button plunger and fully depress the plunger as far as it will go, about 1/8th inch. While holding the plunger depressed, slide the

Mauser M98 Magazine Parts

floor plate and the rod firmly rearward. The floor plate will move back about 1/8th inch only.

b. Release the pressure on the plunger and the floor plate will come away from the rifle by the force of the follower spring. Lift out the whole assembly as one piece, the floor plate, the follower and the follower spring. (We'll take it apart later.)

c. Now thoroughly clean out the magazine well with a good quality solvent. Wipe clean the inside of the receiver (where the bolt goes) with solvent and make sure there is no trash or shipping material residue anywhere in the receiver or magazine well.

d. Take the follower assembly apart for cleaning. Simply slide the flat spring out of the base of the follower and slide the other end out of the top inside of the floor plate. (Thou shalt pay close attention to what thou art doing as the spring will go back into the floor plate and the follower in only the same way they came out.) If you put it back together wrong, the follower may jam the cartridges during feeding and that is a bummer (it could also be dangerous!). Make sure you do it right! After you've cleaned all three parts, you can re-insert them into the rifle.

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