Safety Lever Functions

Your rifle has one of the most advanced safety mechanisms in existence, even today. It is generally recognized that no other rifle safety is as good, no matter the brand or the cost.

The safety lever is located on the top rear of the bolt. It has three positions; full left, middle and full right.

1. Fully safe position: Same as the 'full right' position. With the lever easily swung over to the full right position, the rifle cannot be fired, and the bolt cannot be opened. The rifle is fully safe.

2. Safe-unload position: Same as 'vertical' or 'middle' position. With the lever standing straight up, the rifle cannot be fired but the bolt can be opened for unloading. If you change your mind and choose not to shoot, you can safely unload you rifle without putting it in the fire position (unlike many newer designs). If you attempted to fire your rifle in the 'safe-unload' position, you would quickly see that the vertically standing safety lever would interfere with the sights and at the same time, the trigger is disabled! You have an advanced hunting rifle, even by today's standards!

3. Fire position: Same as 'full left' position. With the safety lever in the full left position, the rifle is ready to fire. It will fire if the trigger is pulled.

As an added feature, you can tell if your rifle is 'cocked' by just looking at it; without even picking it up! Just look at the rear of the bolt and see how far the firing pin base protrudes rearward from the gas shield. If it protrudes about a half inch, you know it is cocked, so be extra careful. If it protrudes only one quarter inch, you know it is not cocked. The difference is easy to see or even feel, in the dark.

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1. Right: Safe & Locked

2. Vertical: Safe & Unlocked
Mauser Safe Practice
3. Full Left: Fire

Caution: A decocked rifle with a live round in the chamber is NOT a safe condition. An accidental blow could fire the rifle. Always use the safety lever

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