Always replace both mercury batteries at the same time

c. Mounting Procedures. To mount the AN/TVS-5:

(1) Align the scribe line on the sight with the scribe line on the bracket.

(2) Place the sight in the grove of the bracket and tighten the lever screw clockwise.

(3) Secure the lever screw with lacing wire or tape to ensure the sight does not vibrate loose.

(4) Seat the device. After firing the initial burst, retighten the lever screw to ensure the sight is securely mounted. (If you are unable to fire at this time, lightly shake the sight to ensure the sight is mounted correctly.)

d. Dismounting Procedures. To dismount the AN/TVS-5:

(1) Remove the lacing wire or tape from the lever screw.

(2) Loosen the lever screw until the sight is free to be lifted off the bracket.

(3) Remove the batteries and place the sight in its carrying case.

e. Boresighting. The AN/TVS-5 cannot be boresighted when used with the MK 19. The sight cannot focus on a target closer than 25 meters, and the offset is too great at that distance to boresight accurately.

f. Zeroing. To zero the AN/TVS-5 to the MK 19, follow the procedures in TM 115855-214-10.


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