Ammunition must never be scattered this may result in a hazard to friendly soldiers burned HE and HEDP rounds may explode or destroyed mechanically

a. Mechanical Method. If possible, use the mechanical method to destroy MK 19s and equipment. There are three ways to do this:

(1) Smash them. Using a sledgehammer or some similar heavy tool, damage the MK 19s so that they cannot be used.

(2) Bend the MK 19s' guide rods over the receivers.

(3) Take off (or out) the same part from each of the MK 19s. If a different part is taken from each gun, new MK 19s may be pieced together.

b. Burning Method. To burn equipment or MK 19s, use a fuel source that burns hot enough to take the temper from the metal. For example, use jet propulsion fuel (JP-4), oil, or gas. All friendly soldiers in the area are warned before equipment or MK 19s are bare burned, because a fire will reveal the positions of friendly forces.

c. Gunfire Method. This is the least reliable way to destroy MK 19s or equipment. Pile up all of the equipment and MK 19s and use MK 19s, grenades, or rifles to fire on them. They will scatter so check after shooting to see that they are all destroyed.

d. Demolition Method. Use an explosive charge such as composition 4 (C4) or any type of HE round. Place the charges so they will completely destroy all the MK 19s and equipment.

e. Disposal Method. To dispose of MK 19s and equipment, break them down and either scatter the parts into swamps or marshes, or bury them.


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