Any of these three symptoms mean a bore obstruction Do not attempt to clear a bore obstruction

a. Emergency Actions after a Short Recoil. The gunner does the following actions after a short recoil:

(2) Clear area of personnel and ammunition.

(3) Notify range safety officer.

(4) Pull the charger handles to the rear, without stopping or pausing, until the bolt locks. Ensure that the bolt stays to the rear before releasing the charger handles.

(5) Insert cleaning rod section through slot in side of receiver. Prepare to catch the ejected live round.

(6) Raise cleaning rod to force live round down. Catch the live round as it is ejected.

(7) Raise top cover.

(8) Remove ammo belt from feeder.

(9) Check for bore obstruction using bore obstruction detector.

(10) If bore is obstructed, refer to the section above on clearing bore obstructions or refer to WP 0014 00 for round removal procedures.

(11) If there is no obstruction, reposition belt in feeder.

(12) Ensure feed slide assembly is to the left.

(13) Charge weapon and attempt to fire.

b. If a short recoil occurs again, repeat the first eight steps. Put weapon on S (SAFE) and turn it into support maintenance.

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