Ensure you do not scratch the shiny portion of the vertical cam and primary drive lever. These areas have been specially treated to reduce friction; any scratches or use of abrasives will take off the treatment and increase wear.

Figure 2-20. Primary drive lever and vertical cam.

(10) Take out the charger assemblies from both sides by following these procedures.

(a) Place the charger assemblies in the upright position.

(b) Using a metal link or spent cartridge case, retract the lock plunger at the base of the charger arm.

(c) Slide the charger housing rearward to disengage the lugs from the keyslots in the receiver.

(d) Lift the charger assembly away from the receiver (Figure 2-21).

Whirlpool Backrohr Bedienungsanleitung
Figure 2-21. Charger assemblies.

(11) Take off the sear assembly by following these procedures:

(a) Turn the MK 19 on its side or upside down.

(b) Move the safety selector switch to F (FIRE), and use the rim of a spent cartridge case to lift up the sear lock plunger.

(c) At the same time, squeeze the sear and rotate the sear assembly (left or right) until you can no longer hold the sear (Figure 2-22).

(d) Release the plunger, and apply downward pressure to the sear assembly. (A spring in the sear will push the sear away from the receiver preventing further turning of the sear.)

(e) With the sear pressed flush to the receiver, continue to turn the sear until you hear a metallic click.

(f) Place the safety selector switch on S (SAFE) and continue to rotate the sear until it is at a 90-degree angle to the receiver.

(g) Lift the sear straight off the receiver.

(h) Place the safety switch in the S (SAFE) position.

Figure 2-22. Sear assembly.

b. Assembly. To assemble the gun, replace the groups in the exact reverse order in which they were taken off. Be sure the components are lubricated prior to reassembly.

(1) Install left and right hand charger assemblies by following these procedures:

(a) Turn receiver upright.

(b) Rotate charger handle to the forward straight-up position.

(c) Line up lugs on charger with slots in receiver rail. Insert charger lugs into slots.

(d) Hold charger tightly against rail. Slide charger forward until it locks in place.

(2) Install round-positioning block. Insert pins into the slots on the receiver and slide the block forward until the pins lock into the small sections of the holes.

(3) Install the ogive plunger assembly. Insert ogive plunger as shown in Figure 2-16.

(4) Install alignment guide assembly by following these procedures:

(a) Position the alignment guide assembly so that the pin is lined up with the slot in the feeder wall.

(b) Hold the alignment guide against the front wall and slide the alignment guide into the receiver until it locks or 'clicks.'

(5) Install feed tray and feed slide assembly by following these procedures (Figure 223):

(a) Place tray into top of feeder, recessed side up. The tabs on the feed slide should align with the slots on the feed slide tray.

(b) The hinge pinholes on the tray should line up with the hinge pinholes on the receiver.




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